The Comet - Issue 16

Our latest edition of The Comet newsletter is jam-packed with interesting and useful articles from BrightRock’s world.

Like rugby, family life is often a contact sport!

Check out the thrills and spills of parenthood with play-by-play analysis from our passionate commentator!

Failing the number one SME asset in the country

BrightRock views the business owner of an SME as the business’ most important asset.

Bright future

Destiny Man magazine recently spoke to BrightRock's Marketing Director Suzanne Stevens to find out more about their sponsorship of the DHL Stormers.

5 companies living in insurance’s future

Professor Bill Fischer of IMD likes to ask “who’s living in your future?”. In the world of insurance, until recently the answer was almost no-one.

Deep Fried Man: Your life in 60 seconds

You may be asking why a life insurance company asked Deep Fried Man to write a song about life's journey?

A letter from Change

"We’ve met a gazill10n times before. Like that time you learned to walk, or when you discovered that vegetables look great, but don’t always /...

Fear no key man

Losing a key person in the organisation can put enormous strain on a company – both for personnel and the bottom line.

Needs-matched life insurance by BrightRock

The first ever life insurance that changes with you as your life changes


BrightRock’s needs-matched life insurance is different from other products in the market. It’s uniquely structured to allow you and your financial adviser to work together to create the best life insurance solution – just for you.

It’s made for you at the start and changes as your life changes. Best of all, because it’s more efficient, you can save 30% on your premiums from day one.

Traditional policies don’t exactly match your needs

Most life insurance policies bundle your needs into a large, single lump-sum that grows every year. But you have different needs: some long, and others short or medium term.

Needs-matched cover suits your specific needs

With BrightRock you don’t pay for cover you don’t need – so you save an average of 30 percent of your premiums today.


Your cover is designed to exactly match each specific financial need. Because your cover is the perfect fit for your needs, there’s no waste. So it’s more cost efficient and sustainable. And if your life should change and you need more cover, it’s easy to get it thanks to our unique needs-matched design.

With BrightRock, you save 30%

You get premium savings of 30% on average, because  there’s no waste in your BrightRock policy.


Without unnecessary cover, every premium rand you spend with us works so much harder for you. That’s how we’re able to give you a saving of 30% or more on your monthly premiums!

You choose how your cover works

You get a unique BrightRock policy, designed to meet your specific needs.

With BrightRock, you decide exactly how to cover your different financial needs if you were to get ill, suffer an injury or die. For your different needs, you can choose:

  • Whether you want your cover to pay out as a lump-sum or regular monthly payment;
  • How your cover should grow and change to keep meeting your needs over time; and
  • The most appropriate duration for your cover.

Your cover changes when you need it

You can change your cover when your needs change.

You have the certainty that you can get more cover when you need it. These features are built into standard BrightRock policies at no extra cost:

  • Cover conversion facility: Only BrightRock gives you the flexibility to redirect your premiums for cover you no longer need to other financial needs and insurance events – free of medical underwriting (to a maximum of R7,5 million). You’re guaranteed you can always buy more death cover, even when you’ve claimed against your policy;
  • Extra cover buy-up: With the extra cover buy-up, you can buy more cover with limited underwriting (to a maximum of R7,5 million, depending on the cover you already have) when your life changes;
  • Yearly secured cover facility: With the yearly secured cover facility, you have an annual opportunity to buy cover to the value of the lump-sum amount by which your income protection cover has reduced (if at all) during the course of that year, with limited underwriting.

It’s flexible and efficient

You enjoy unrivalled flexibility and protection when you claim.


You have the option, if you choose a lump-sum for your income-related needs, to change your choice at claim-stage. So you can receive a recurring pay-out instead, on guaranteed terms and in the most tax-efficient structure. Only BrightRock offers you this level of choice and flexibility, giving you the best of both worlds.

You get market-leading claims certainty

Plus, with our market-leading claims definitions, you can count on the most comprehensive, certain cover available in the market today.


We use objective medical criteria based on clinical best practice guidelines to assess your claims for illness and injury. This means greater choice and flexibility for you — and above all, greater certainty that we’ll pay your valid claims.

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