BrightRock’s Lettuce

Introducing needs-matched life insurance by BrightRock

BrightRock’s needs-matched life insurance is different from other products in the market. It’s made just for you at the start, and changes with you throughout your life.

We’ve created our product so that your cover will track the behaviour and trajectory of your financial needs over time. As you explore more about how our product works, you’ll find that our approach to life insurance is sustainable, efficient, prevents waste and is built just for you.
Life changes, so should your life insurance.
At BrightRock, we’re passionate about life insurance and the good it can do. Life insurance is the foundation of your family’s financial future.
BrightRock’s goal is to leave you feeling confident that when bad things happen, you’ve got good cover. So we’ve created a life insurance product that allows you and your financial adviser to match your cover exactly to each of your financial needs. And, when your life changes, our product is the first-ever life insurance that is able to change as your needs change. We call it needs-matched life insurance.

You can count on BrightRock for:

  • The most relevant and suitable financial protection, created specifically to meet your and your family’s needs. With BrightRock, you decide exactly how to cover each of your financial needs if you were to get ill, suffer an injury or die. For each need, you choose: whether you want your cover to pay out as a lump-sum or regular monthly payment; how your cover should grow over time and the most appropriate duration for your cover.
  • Cover that stays the course, because it’s designed with you throughout your lifetime. You choose exactly how your cover for each financial need should grow, so your cover keeps pace with your changing needs. And we’ve made sure you can change your cover when your needs change with fewer underwriting requirements on easier terms than any other product on the market.
  • Greater affordability, value and efficiency, because you pay only for what you need. There’s no waste in your BrightRock policy, so every premium rand you spend with us works so much harder for you. When you no longer need cover for a specific need, that cover will fall away – so you can use that part of your premium to use to buy more cover for another need, or pocket the savings.
  • Unrivalled flexibility and protection when you claim. You have the option, if you choose a lump-sum for your income-related needs, to change your choice at claim-stage. So you can receive a recurring pay-out instead, on guaranteed terms and in the most tax-efficient structure. No other insurer can offer you the same level of choice and flexibility. Also, we don’t automatically reduce all your death cover when we pay out for claims for temporary or permanent illnesses or injuries. If the financial need still exists after a claim, you’ll still have cover for that need.
  • More sustainable premiums, because – unlike many other insurance plans – you don’t have to “buy now, pay later” to get the cover you need today. With us, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for today and exactly how it will increase over time. Working with your adviser you can make informed decisions and choose the option that works best for you now and tomorrow.
  • Market leading definitions, certain cover available in the market today. We use objective medical criteria based on clinical best practice guidelines to assess your claims for illness and injury. But we’ve also added the Personal Job Fitness Test to ensure you can get the benefit, where appropriate, of a pay-out based on your inability to work. Which means greater choice and flexibility for you – and above all, greater certainty that we’ll pay your valid claims.