Divan Botha interviews Schalk Malan on kykNET’s Winslyn

BrightRock’s entrepreneurial journey and the major milestone of Sanlam’s pending majority stake in our business was in the spotlight when our CEO, Schalk Malan, appeared on the business and entrepreneurship show Winslyn on kykNET on 21 February 2017.

Schalk was interviewed live by Winslyn-presenter Divan Botha, who – as a successful entrepreneur himself – unpacked interesting insights into our business, as well as a host of ideas and tips from Schalk to help aspiring entrepreneurs start their own successful businesses. Watch the interview below:

Kyk Weer! VeranderDinge is Back to Change Your Life

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Brought to you by BrightRock, the popular TV magazine show returns for a second season on KykNET

“Verander dinge”. In Afrikaans, it’s a call to action, meaning: change things. But it’s also a sly play on words, because vir ander dinge, which sounds exactly the same, means: for other things.

Put the two together, and you have the perfect name for a TV lifestyle magazine series that showcases a miscellany of lively, upbeat, and interesting items, while shining the spotlight on change.

Sponsored by BrightRock, as a platform for sharing the joys, challenges, and opportunities of change, and highlighting the positive role it can play in our lives, VeranderDinge is back on kykNET for an action-packed second season.

And the great news is a change in scheduling, to the prime-time slot of 6.30pm on Sundays.

With the dynamic duo of Ruda Landman and Kim Cloete at the helm, VeranderDinge puts the focus on in-depth, insightful interviews with prominent and influential South Africans, from Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille to songstress Sonja Herholdt, and from bubbly model and television presenter Minki van der Westhuizen to the astute political commentator, Max du Preez.

Then, of course, there are the ander dinge –  the other things – a potpourri of information, inspiration, and entertainment, featuring profiles on extraordinary people (arm-wrestlers, cage-divers, brewmasters and more) and useful advice on everything from starting your own business to organising the best party ever for your children.

Either way, it’s all about change and loving it, so change the channel to kykNET and make the most of your Sunday with Ruda, Kim, and company.

“We are excited to once again place change under the magnifying glass with Ruda and Kim,” says Suzanne Stevens, executive director at BrightRock. “VeranderDinge matches up perfectly with BrightRock’s needs-matched approach to life cover, and it’s a privilege to enter a second season with this multi-faceted show.”

*Tune in to VeranderDinge at 6.30pm on Sundays on kykNET, channel 144 on dsTV.

This article first appeared in The Comet, an online platform by BrightRock, provider of the first-ever life insurance that changes as your life changes.


VeranderDinge back by popular demand!  

April 2016. – VeranderDinge, the popular lifestyle programme proudly sponsored by BrightRock, is back on your TV screens by popular demand in a new prime time slot. The first episode airs on Sunday, 10th April 2016 at 18:30.

Season 2 of VeranderDinge is still keeping to the theme of change and hosts Ruda Landman and Kim Cloete, will again be interviewing influential South Africans to unpack their change moments while inspiring viewers to accept and value change in their lives.

The first episode will feature the mayor of Cape Town Patricia de Lille, a prominent politician who has had to deal with numerous difficult changes in her life to be where she is today. This season promises to be insightful, informative, and most importantly, inspire the viewers. Viewers can also look forward to interviews with glamorous South Africans like Minki van der Westhuizen, former Miss South Africa Wilma van der Bijl and songstress and entrepreneur Patricia Lewis.

Says Ruda: “It is an absolute delight to sit down with South Africans as varied as Marc Lottering, Jesse Duarte, Max du Preez and Minki van der Westhuizen to talk about moments that changed the course of their lives. Do join us. You will be fascinated and inspired.”

Kim will investigate a variety of activities and trends like crocodile cagediving and homebreweries. And don’t forget the inspirational self-help inserts, where both Kim and Ruda will unpack topics like turning hobbies into businesses and genetic counseling.

Karen Meiring, director of Afrikaans channels at M-Net, says: “We’re looking forward to this follow up series and hope it will bring about change in people’s lives through the experiences of others.” 

Suzanne Stevens, executive director at BrightRock, says: “As co-producers of VeranderDinge, we’re proud and excited to enter a second season of the show , especially after the first season’s success. VeranderDinge’s positive spin on Change ties in perfectly with BrightRock’s Love Change philosophy, and our needs-matched approach to life cover, which keeps up with the changes in your life. We’re looking forward to building on the success of the first season of this popular show.” /ENDS

About VeranderDinge

VeranderDinge provides a glimpse on the lives of women. What inspires them? What motivates them? What are their daily challenges?

The programme is divided into three segments in which Ruda Landman and Kim Cloete look into a wide range of entertaining and insightful topics:

  1. In depth interviews by Ruda in which she talks to famous or prominent South African women about the role of Change in their lives. Through these interviews, viewers will get to see different sides of interesting personalities like politician Patricia de Lille, songstress Sonja Herhold and political journalist Max du Preez.
  2. An insert that provides practical insights and guidelines to deal with common challenges like turning your hobby into a business or how to throw an affordable children’s party.
  3. A conversation with or look at extraordinary people who do extraordinary things, like participants at arm wrestling competitions and crocodile cagedivers.

The programme will air on KykNet every Sunday evening at 18:30, with repeats on KykNet and KykNet & Kie. It premieres on 10 April.

About Ruda Landman

Ruda is a seasoned journalist and presenter who rose to fame during her 19 years as a co-presenter of Carte Blanche. Apart from her work in television, she is a successful lecturer, writer and MC. She also serves on the boards of the University of Stellenbosch, Media24 and Hoërskool Helpmekaar.

About Kim Cloete

Kim is an actress, scriptwriter, radio- and television presenter. She has a diverse portfolio of acting and presenting jobs in her portfolio, which includes appearances in programmes like Zing!, Ontbytsake, Isidingo and Villa Rosa. She also co-owns the Garden Court Theatre in Woodstock.

About BrightRock

BrightRock is the provider of the first-ever life insurance that changes as your life changes. The company was started with the goal of creating insurance products that truly meet consumers ‘needs. BrightRock offers individualised, needs-matched life insurance cover that’s built around your specific needs at the outset, and is specially designed to change with you during life’s biggest Change Moments.

A Change Moment is the instant you land the job of your dreams; say “I do”; hold your new bundle of joy for the first time; or get the keys to your new front door. With these changes, comes a very real impact on how you think about and manage your money for today and for the future. And because BrightRock’s cover is flexible and changes appropriately when your needs change, it’s more efficient. This means both your cover and your premiums remain relevant, and more affordable, throughout your life.  BrightRock (Pty) Ltd, underwritten by Lombard Life Ltd, is an authorised financial services provider.

VeranderDinge is terug vir ’n opwindende nuwe seisoen!

April 2016. – VeranderDinge, die gewilde leefstylprogram pasgemaak deur BrightRock, is binnekort weer terug op KykNET en KykNET & kie televisieskerms. Die eerste episode van Seisoen 2 word Sondagaand, 10 April in ’n splinternuwe tydgleuf omstreeks 18:30 uitgesaai.

Grόόt veranderinge en name bly steeds die deurlopende tema van die program, wat deur Ruda Landman en Kim Cloete aangebied word. Dié gedugte span gaan in elke episode met invloedryke Suid-Afrikaners oor veranderinge in hul lewens gesels, en terselfdertyd kykers inspireer om verandering in hul lewens te koester en aanvaar.

In die eerste episode van die reeks gesels Ruda met Kaapstadse burgermeester Particia de Lille oor die grootste mylpale van haar politieke loopbaan, en hoe sy uitdagings as burgermeester baasraak. Kykers kan ook uitsien na onderhoude met glansryke Suid-Afrikaners soos Minki van der Westhuizen, oudmej. Suid-Afrika Wilma van der Bijl en sangsensasie Patricia Lewis.

“Dit is heerlik om met ’n veelsydige groep Suid-Afrikaners soos Marc Lottering, Jesse Duarte, Max du Preez en Minki van der Westhuizen te gesels oor die veranderingsoomblikke in hul lewens,” sê Ruda. “Moenie dit mis nie. Dit gaan jou fassineer én inspireer.”

Kim gaan weer in haar veelsydige insetsels na vindingryke tydverdrywe kyk wat wissel van tuisbrouerye tot krokodilhokduik – wat besig is om veld onder avontuurlustiges te wen. En moenie die inspirerende selfhelp insetsels vergeet nie – soos hoe om stokperdjies in besighede te verander en hoe om bekostigbare kinderpartytjies te hou.

Karen Meiring, direkteur van Afrikaanse kanale by M-Net, sê: “Ons sien baie uit na hierdie opvolg reeks en hoop dit maak ‘n verskil  in mense lewens deur ander se ervaring.”

Suzanne Stevens, uitvoerende direkteur by BrightRock, sê: “Ons is trots daarop om as medevervaardigers van VeranderDinge terug te keer vir ’n tweede seisoen van die reeks. Die deurlopende tema van verandering sluit perfek aan by BrightRock se filosofie dat daar altyd ’n positiewe sy aan verandering kan wees, en komplimenteer ons pasgemaakte, aanpasbare lewensdekking. Ons sien uit daarna om te bou op die sukses van dié gewilde reeks se eerste seisoen.”



VeranderDinge verskaf ’n blik op ’n interessante verskeidenheid mense se lewens. Wat inspireer hulle? Wat motiveer hulle? Wat is die daaglikse uitdagings wat hulle in die gesig staar?

Ruda en Kim gaan ’n verskeidenheid vermaaklike en insiggewende onderwerpe in drie uiteenlopende segmente onder die vergrootglas plaas:

  1. In diepte-onderhoude wat Ruda voer met ’n bekende of prominente Suid-Afrikaners oor groot veranderinge in haar lewe. Ons leer interessante Suid-Afrikaners soos die politikus Patricia de Lille, sangeres Patricia Lewis en akademikus Jonathan Jansen deur ’n nuwe lens ken.
  2. ’n Insetsel wat praktiese insae en wenke lewer om alledaagse probleme of uitdagings te verander, soos hoe om jou stokperdjie in ’n besigheid te verander of ’n bekostigbare kinderpartytjie te hou.
  3. ’n Gesprek met of kyk na buitengewone mense, instellings of vreemde aktiwiteite soos armdrukkampioenskappe en krokodilhokduik.


Meer oor Ruda Landman

Ruda is ’n gesoute joernalis en aanbieder wat veral bekend is vir haar 19 jaar as mede-aanbieder op Carte Blanche. Behalwe vir haar televisiewerk, is sy ook ’n suksesvolle lektor, skrywer en seremoniemeester en dien op die direksies van die Universiteit van Stellenbosch, Media24 en Hoërskool Helpmekaar.


Meer oor Kim Cloete

Kim is ’n aktrise, radio- en TV aanbieder en teksskrywer. Sy het ’n string akteurs- en aanbiedersrolle op haar kerfstok te danke aan verskynings in programme soos Zing!, Ontbytsake, Isidingo en Villa Rosa. Sy is ook die mede-eienaar van die Garden Court Teater in Woodstock.


Meer oor BrightRock

BrightRock is die verskaffer van die eerste behoeftegerigte lewensdekking wat verander soos jou lewe verander. Die maatskappy is van stapel gestuur om versekeringsprodukte te skep wat daadwerklik aan die verbruiker se behoeftes voldoen. BrightRock voorsien unieke, behoeftegerigte lewensdekking wat om elke individuele polishouer se onmiddelike behoeftes gestruktureer word. Dit is ontwerp om by polishouers se lewens aan te pas soos hul lewens verander in oomblikke waarna BrightRock spesifiek verwys as Veranderingsoomblikke (Change Moments).

’n Veranderingsoomblik gebeur wanneer jy die betrekking van jou drome losslaan; voor die kansel staan; jou baba vir die eerste keer vashou of die voordeur van jou nuwe huis vir die eerste keer oopsluit. Elkeen van dié oomblikke kan as lewensmylpale beskou word wat ’n groot impak op jou persoonlike welstand, finansies en toekomsplanne kan hê. Dit is juis waar BrightRock se lewensdekking in die prentjie kom – dit die enigste lewensversekeringsproduk wat aanpasbaar genoeg om te verander soos jou lewe verander. Gevolglik bly jou premies relevant en koste-effektief soos jy ouer word. BrightRock (EDMS) Bpk is ’n gemagtigde finansiële diensverskaffer, onderskryf deur Lombard Life Bpk.

Ander en beter dinge


Ruda Landman is terug as aanbieder

  • VeranderDinge
  • Seisoen 1 Sondae (vanaf 19 Julie)
  • KykNET 18:00

Dis ‘n jaar sedert kykers die ervare Ruda Landman laas as aanbieder op TV gesien het, en wel in die SABC3-reeks Centrum Guardian.

“TV-aanbieding is soos fietsry,” vertel Ruda op die stel van die nuwe kykNET-reeks VeranderDinge. “Mens verloor dit nooit nie. Waar ander daarvan hou om boeke te skryf of te skilder, voel ek gemaklik voor die kamera. Dis vir my lekker om met mense te praat en hulle te laat praat.”


In die nuwe leefstylprogram laat Ruda mense juis hul hart oopmaak oor een groot onderwerp: Verandering. Bekendes soos die aktrise Shaleen Surtie-Richards en die sangeres Nianell vertel wat hulle gedoen het om die koers van hul lewe te verander.

“Maar VeranderDinge fokus nie net op loopbaanveranderings ofverhoudings nie,” verduidelik Ruda. “Verskeie onderwerpe, wat strek van finansies en persoonlike ontwikkeling tot by gesondheid en `n nuwe voorkoms, val byvoorbeeld onder die bree tema.”

Die saadjie vir VeranderDinge is geplant toe Ruda die afgelope jaar onderhoude met bekendes soos die oud-krieketkaptein Graeme Smith gevoer het vir BrightRock se aanlynplatform ChangeExchange.

“Die webwerf gee Jan Publiek ook die kans om hul ondervinding van verandering en hoe hulle hul fokus verskuif het, met ander te deel,” sê sy. Die reaksie op www.changeexchange.co.za was oorweldigend. Vandat die webwerf in Maart 2014 die lig gesien het, het meer as 14 000 besoekers aan 20 000 gespreksessies deelgeneem.

Suzanne Stevens, uitvoerende direkteur: bemarking van BrightRock, en die vervaardiger, Alan Ford, het saamgespan en besluit daar’s beslis ‘n behoefte aan ‘n TV-reeks soos VeranderDinge.


Dit was vir hulle ‘n uitgemaakte saak dat Ruda aan die stuur van die ateljee-onderhoude sou wees. Die produksiespan het toe koppe bymekaargesit oor die gaste. “Ons het begin met ‘n wenslysie van wie ons graag in die reeks sou wou hê, afhangend van hul beskikbaarheid en of hulle bereid sou wees om te praat,” sê Ruda.

Die lysie sluit nie net celebs soos Shaleen en Nianell of die voormalige DA-leier Helen Zille in nie, maar ook die skrywer Rachelle Greeff, die tydskrifredakteur Kay Karriem en die sakevrou Carina Franck van Kalahari Lifestyle wat oor die omwentelings in hul lewe gesels.

Buiten die ateljee-onderhoude is daar selfhelp-insetsels wat praktiese insae en wenke vir kykers gee, soos hoe om nuwe uitdagings aan te pak, hoe om jou eie besigheid te begin, uit die skuld te kom of fiks te bly. Die gewilde aanbieder Kim Cloete, wat tot Mei nog mede-aanbieder van die glansprogram Kollig op kykNET & kie was, en Ruda doen albei afsonderlike onderhoude vir die selfhelp-insetsels.

“Van die insetsels gee kykers byvoorbeeld ‘n kykie op buitengewone instellings en aktiwiteite soos die Roller Derby, ‘n toenemende kontaksport vir vroue. Ek gaan jaag selfs spoke in Matjiesfontein!” lag Ruda.


Tydens haar gesprekke het Ruda seif ‘n paar nuwe dinge wys geword. “Verandering is die een ding in die lewe waarvan ons seker kan wees,” sê sy. “En dit help nie mens skop daarteen nie. “Hoe meer buigbaar jy is en hoe meer jy bereid is om kopskuiwe en aanpassings in jou lewe te maak, hoe gelukkiger gaan jy op die ou end wees,” voeg sy by.

“Baie mense is geneig om aan die bekende en aan die veilige vas te klou, want hulle voel onseker. Met VeranderDinge wil ons vir kykers sê verandering kan maklik wees en dit wérk.  Verandering kan ook beter balans in jou lewe bring as jy dit regkry,” meen Ruda. – Martjie Roos

(Originally published in TV Plus, 8 July 2015, p. 31)