Changing the world one #LoveChange laugh at a time!

31 March 2017, Johannesburg – BrightRock, life insurance industry game changer, has partnered with the Johannesburg International Comedy Festival (JICF) as the official web- and live-streaming partner of this year’s festival.

To provide an opportunity for a wider audience to be a part of the festival – and for those who weren’t able to get tickets – BrightRock is setting up the #LoveChange Studio at the Orbit Jazz Club and Bistro in Braamfontein, where Jason Goliath will be interviewing local and international comedians about the Big Change Moments in their lives. It will be live-streamed on Facebook Live.

Official acts at the festival include Nina Hastie, Tats Nkonzo, Joey Rasdien, Tips Shampoonaiza, Celeste Ntuli and international comedians like Igor Meerson from Russia, Basketmouth from Nigeria, Eddy King from Canada, Sofie Hagen from Denmark and Imran Yusuf from Kenya.

“We’re pleased to have comedian Jason Goliath in our #LoveChange Studio bringing social media audiences a unique, live JIFC experience. He will be most ably accompanied by Glen Biderman-Pam manning a roving camera to share behind-the-scenes footage of the backstage shenanigans and the vibe on the streets of Braamfontein ,” adds Suzanne Stevens, Executive Director of Marketing at BrightRock.

Online viewers will be able to enjoy every single minute of the in-studio and behind-the-scenes action as it is live-streamed on the BrightRock- and Johannesburg International Comedy Festival Facebook pages, available at and

Jason Goliath will be hosting two sessions per evening at the studio, starting on Friday 31 March 2017 at around 18:00. Each session will last about 60 minutes, and if you happen to miss anything you wanted to see from the #LoveChange Studio, you will be able to watch recordings of the sessions on the BrightRock Facebook page, BrightRock TV on YouTube and the Change Exchange at

Says Stevens: “At BrightRock we say we #LoveChange, because it is in the willingness to welcome change that we are able to find the opportunities it presents. And especially when it relates to those big moments of change that we all go through in life – landing that job, starting a family, tying the knot and buying a home. Since we at BrightRock love talking about Loving Change, we also create conversation platforms for it. It’s platforms like this one – our new #LoveChange Studio – that enable us to explore and share our experiences of Loving Change, from the serious to the light-hearted and downright fun.”

Takunda Bimha, founding director of the Johannesburg International Comedy Festival, says they believe the #LoveChange Studio will give comedy fans and audiences an opportunity to experience the festival in a completely different way.

“We are incredibly excited about this initiative. Given the amazing work that BrightRock has been doing with comedy content, we look forward to building a relationship with the brand for a long time to come.”

* Watch the first webisode from the festival below:

Bright future

BrightRock recently announced a three-year sponsorship of the Stormers. Destiny Man magazine spoke to the insurer’s Marketing Director Suzanne Stevens to find out more about sports sponsorship.

Tell us how the Stormers deal came about.

BrightRock has been growing from strength to strength since our launch in 2012 and quite early on, we knew that it was important for us to expand awareness of our business in the consumer environment. We threw the net quite wide, looking at different sporting codes and ventures outside the sports realm entirely. When the opportunity arose to partner with Western Province Rugby Union, it really felt like a no-brainer. It is a well-known, reputable brand with a strong national footprint and a diverse fan base. The opportunity to partner with other reputable companies like Adidas, Land Rover and DHL was also important.

What was attractive about sport as a sponsorship vehicle?

The reality when you are dealing with life insurance is that you can’t test-drive the product or put it on supermarket shelves, so we are always looking to make the brand more tangible. One of the lovely things about sport is that South Africans are passionate about it and it is a space in which we can physically manifest our business in a different way from the traditional financial services space.

What is your experience in sports marketing?

Prior to BrightRock, I was the General Manager of Marketing for the Discovery Group for 14 years. All sponsorships, including sport, reported to me. I have a network of contacts in this environment.

What are BrightRock’s future plans?

We currently have three sponsorship properties: The Dan Nicholl Show, which is an entirely new concept for South African TV and a broadcast sponsorship of a KykNet series called VeranderDinge, an extension of the Change Exchange online platform which features veteran journalist Ruda Landman. The Stormers sponsorship, of course, is the big daddy. Our focus will be working hard on delivering on these properties in the year ahead.

Do you have any tips for readers who are looking to get into sports marketing?

Ensure your marketing campaigns align 100% with your product. People will notice if something is not authentic. You have to develop business acumen and quality marketing experience and training will come in handy.  Being a sports fan matters because you’ve got to have a passion for what you do. Tune into identifying exactly what your objectives are and how you are going to measure things. Be open to learning because the best plans are often laid to waste. Adapt, accept feedback and learn as you go along.

This article was originally published in the April Edition of Destiny Man magazine. Click here to read the original version.

How a hapless aspiring journalist at the World Cup sold insurance to South Africans

19 September 2014.

Suzanne Stevens, Executive Director of BrightRock, discusses the somewhat different ‘Dave in Brazil’ campaign…

The concept entailed a young aspiring (bumbling) journalist who gets the big break of his career  – which he is convinced, will propel him to journalistic  stardom. He resigns from his job as ‘Foreign Correspondent’ on Loyiso Gola‘s Late Night News and embarks on a  mis-adventure as a  senior sports reporter, reporting from the World Cup in Brazil. On arrival in Brazil he discovers that  many challenges await him, starting with the fact that he isn’t accredited to go to any of the games. However, says Stevens, he never gives up and  naive self-importance carries him through and enables him to continually deliver his 33-day broadcast back to eNCA.

So what’s BrightRock’s marketing strategy behind a mishap-beset, aspiring journalist?

Stevens tells us that the strategy behind ‘Dave’ started with the BrightRock product itself: the first life insurance policy that changes as the policy holder’s life-needs change. These life changes or ‘Change Moments’ could be having a child, getting married, buying a house or even landing one’s dream job. So, out of this   concept of sometimes unpredictable ‘change moments’, Dave was born, leveraging the newsworthiness  the World Cup, the universality of humour and the platform of the daily news, to drive consumers to BrightRock’s  products and Change Exchange site.
BrightRock’s Change Exchange site capturing the consumers

Stevens reports that there are now in excess of 25 000 unique users on BrightRock’s  Change Exchange site, with over 40% of those users coming back regularly. Users are spending on average 2.30 minutes on the site and are viewing 3-4 pages on each visit. “The intention of the Change Exchange is very much around engagement with content and so we are very pleased that within the first four to five months of its existence we are getting such good traction,” concludes Stevens.

* See the video interview with Stevens here.

** Read the original Adlip article here.










Weaving the Changes

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The real revolution at the heart of BrightRock is co-creation, allowing you to play a part in weaving the tapestry of your life. Meet Suzanne Stevens

Life is a tapestry, woven from the threads of memory, experience, and emotion. It ravels and unravels as the years go by, crafting the unique, individual portraits that bind us through the one constant force we have in common. Change.

Change is life, and to live it is to love it…so Love Change! That was the big Eureka, the epiphany that spurred BrightRock co-founder Suzanne Stevens to take a whole new look at the business of life.

A Chartered Marketer by profession, Suzanne had been instrumental in launching new products in five sectors of the financial services industry. And the toughest of them all, the one most stuck in its ways, was Life.

“I found I could have conversations around being client and consumercentric in health and investment,” recalls Suzanne, “but the marketing in the life insurance space was very frustrating. The amount of resistance to trying to make things understandable for the end-user was huge.”

Suzanne began to see life insurance itself as a tapestry, with the customer trying to make sense of a mess of knots and loose threads on the backend, instead of being presented with a clear and simple picture upfront.

“You need the actuarial science, the clinical stuff, the systems and algorithms,” says Suzanne. “But I don’t understand why any financial services product has to be rocket science to the consumer.”

Remember the old days of the Personal Computer, where the user had to memorise or reference complex commands to execute a task? Now we do it by touch on our tablets. Suzanne looks at life in the same way.

But the real revolution in this new age of tap-and-touch accessibility and simplicity has been the principle of co-creation.

Bring the consumer into the picture; weave the tapestry together; leave space for things to move, change, and grow. That’s how it works at BrightRock.

“It’s about the feeling that you can shape your own destiny,” says Suzanne.

“It’s about thinking how your life works today, and the picture that you have for your life in the years ahead. You can build that life, because you’re planning for it.”

Open to change, open to challenge, Suzanne made the big move from the harbour of the corporate arena to the surging waves of entrepreneurship with her co-founders in 2011. BrightRock is the lighthouse on the shore.

And by that light, life is the tapestry you weave…and the change you learn to love

This article first appeared in The Comet, an online newsletter by BrightRock, provider of the first-ever life insurance that changes as your life changes.