The Comet Issue 21

Money Matters

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The Anatomy of a Scam

When it comes to investing your hard-earned money, beware of any scheme that seems too good to be true. Because the truth is, it probably is, as many people discover to their cost. Here’s one real-life example. By Maya Fisher-French There are so many rogues out there using charm and manipulation on desperate people looking […]


Smart Alec

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Making Sense of a World Turned Upside-Down

In snowy Davos, every year, big thinkers in business, politics, and civil society gather to pontificate on which way the winds of change are blowing. The verdict this time round? It’s a hurricane out there. But if we heed the warnings, it could help to usher in a better, smarter world. By Alec Hogg You […]



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A Big New Deal for BrightRock

Only five years after its founding, the company that brought Love Change to life embarks on a bold new era, with the announcement of a major deal with Sanlam Some companies started in a garage: Apple, Google, Amazon. Some started in a bedroom: Facebook. Some started in a basement: Virgin Records. But when Sean Hanlon, […]



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Dream Big, Work Hard, & Change the World

What does it take to turn a bright idea into a startup that disrupts an industry, and gives people the power to change the way they look at life? Following the announcement of a major shareholding deal between Sanlam and BrightRock, BizNews publisher Alec Hogg sat down with BrightRock co-founder and Executive Director Schalk Malan […]



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A Forget-Me-Not For Your Phone

Are you the type of person who is forever forgetting to take essential items with you when you leave the house, or leaving valuables behind when you’re out and about? At last, there’s an app that can help you on your way. If you’ve ever left your car-keys in a restaurant, your glasses in a […]


Thoughts On Change

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A Millennial is Just a Pensioner-in-Training

It’s called the Quarter-Life Crisis. It’s what happens when you’re hit by the sudden realisation that your Midlife Crisis is only a quarter of your life away. Usually, the jolt is brought on the sight of a row of numbers in a piece of paper in a white envelope. How do you cope with the […]


Ed’s Note

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Welcome to the Bright Side!

Hello, and a very warm and bright welcome to this edition of The Comet, bringing you news, views, advice and insights from the world of BrightRock and beyond. And it’s a world that is swiftly growing and changing, as we shine the spotlight on a landmark deal between five-year-old BrightRock and 99-year-old Sanlam. Read all […]


Meet the BrightRockers

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Baby Steps for a New BrightRock Mom

Meet Noelene Reddy, BrightRock Processing Manager, whose view of life has changed for the better since a little stranger made her debut As Processing Manager at BrightRock’s headquarters in  Johannesburg, Noelene Reddy takes pride in ensuring that her team delivers quality work, on schedule. But there was one particular project, late last year, that took […]