Carmel Kenny

Carmel Kenny
Carmel Kenny

Friendly processing wizz

Meet Carmel Kenny – one of the processing consultants here at BrightRock.

Carmel’s journey in the insurance industry kicked off in 2000 when she started working at a company called Camaf Medical Fund.

She studied a certificate of proficiency (COP) in long term insurance and she’s continuing to broaden her knowledge about our industry by working on a registered financial planning qualification (RFP) in long term insurance.

Those who know Carmel, work with her – even clients who deal with her – can vouch for the fact that she has a very cheerful and bubbly personality.

“I really love my job because I get deal with different people daily and get to build relationships with them.”

But it’s not just the relationships she gets to build at BrightRock that make Carmel tick. Her processing work allows her to broaden her horisons by exposing her to a plethora of interesting information – especially medical stuff.

Outside the office, home décor and quality time with family is high on the agenda. Weekends away with her loved ones and connecting with nature also helps her unwind, adding value to the role she plays in BrightRock’s mission to be the positive difference.