Hercu Pienaar

Hercu Pienaar
Hercu Pienaar

Finding opportunity in change

Hercu Pienaar was born and raised in Ermelo Mpumalanga, but has been living in Pretoria since 1991.

As a true South African, biltong, braai and beer ranks highly – moving those into the bush next to a hardekool campfire and you’ll have his full attention.

On the opposite side of the scale he is equally happy on an offroad motorcycle – in fact, on weekends, if he’s not next to the sports field supporting his kids, you’ll probably find him somewhere on an enduro track, after which he’ll braai of course, and have a beer.

Hercu started working in the financial services industry in 1999, initially spending some time in distribution before moving into business and product development, albeit on the investment side of things.

He says joining BrightRock in March 2013, after working for just over 14 years with investment products, was quite a change but it was probably one of his best decisions ever.

Compared to the big corporate institutions Hercu called home in the past, BrightRock was like a breath of fresh air and he is committed to do his part to ensure that we keep that sense of “difference ” and entrepreneurial spirit alive.

He has had different roles in the company and he knows he will have different roles in the future. “But that for me encapsulates BrightRock – with change comes opportunity, whether we change the insurance industry or whether we evolve as a company, opportunity is around us but it’s up to each one of us to take the first step.”