Meggan Taylor

Meggan Taylor

You can count on her!

Handling and dealing with and cases to be reviewed by BrightRock’s risk partners is no joke.

In fact, it’s a huge responsibility, and Meggan is one of the chosen few BrightRockers who work everyday with this sensitive information. She also drafts counter offers where necessary, striving to achieve as many win-win agreements as possible.

Meggan joined the rat race after finishing school, but decided to take on some studies a year later.

“I studied management for three years, and while I did this I did some part-time work.”

After graduating, Meggan got a fulltime job and as she climbed her career ladder it became clear that BrightRock was the place to be, joining our processing team.

“I received a great opportunity here and am determined to grow and gain as much industry knowledge as possible.”

Meggan is a serious nature lover, recharging her batteries whenever she can by embracing the peace and tranquillity that our fauna and flora has to offer.

“Nothing beats the smell of rain.”

Spending time with her friends and family is high on her priority list too – she treasures the company and support of her loved ones.

By always looking at the bright side of life, Megan is an indispensable member of our Bright Bunch.