Welcome to BrightRock, the needs-matched money company

When you think about your money, you’re actually thinking about your life. About the people you love and the things you want to do. And about life’s big Change Moments – like when you land that job, make a home, tie the knot or start a family.

At BrightRock, we want to help you make money decisions that reflect your life, your changing needs, and all the things that are really important to you.

What we offer

Our needs-matched financial services products can precisely match your needs, through every step of your personal money journey.

Individual life cover

Our needs-matched life insurance is a world first. It’s made just for you at the start, and changes as your life changes, giving you the protection you need every step of the way. And it gives you more cover for your money: You can get up to 40% more cover for the same premium.

Group risk cover

Our unique group risk cover offers employers a unique insurance solution that keeps up with members’ changing financial needs. Members get unrivalled claims certainty with the most objective, comprehensive claims definitions. And their cover’s more flexible too.

Funeral offering

We partner with large funeral parlours to meet all their underwriting, and compliance needs. We pride ourselves on our needs-matched service offering, which provides each parlour a hands-on, personal experience.

Tips and tools to help you
navigate life’s big change moments.

BrightRock backs

At BrightRock, we’re all about loving Change and playing the bounce. Whether it’s on the rugby field, in broadcast and digital spaces, or even around the dinner table – we’re ready to support, recognise and embrace change.

Media centre

Because we #LoveChange, BrightRock aims to change the financial services industry for good. To see what’s new in our business and our industry, read the latest BrightRock media coverage and press releases below:

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