Individual life cover

Our world-first needs-matched individual life insurance is made just for you, and changes with you as your life changes. You and your financial adviser can
co-create the best protection solution for you for your long-, medium-,
and short-term needs – because your needs are unique. And because our life cover matches your needs from the start, there’s no waste – it’s cost-efficient and sustainable.

More cover for your money

Every premium rand you spend with us works so much harder for you – that’s how we’re able to give you savings of up to 30% (or more) on your monthly premiums. That’s around 40% more cover today for the same premium rand.

Your unique BrightRock policy

With BrightRock, you decide exactly how to cover your different financial needs if you were to get ill, suffer an injury or die. With us, you can get temporary expenses, permanent expenses, additional expense needs and death cover.

For your different needs, you can choose:

  • Whether you want your cover to pay out as a lump-sum, a regular monthly payment, or a combination of both;
  • How your cover should grow and change to keep meeting your needs over time;
  • The most appropriate duration for your cover; and
  • You can change your cover when your needs change.

Features you get only with BrightRock

What’s more, we have features that are built into standard BrightRock policies (at no extra cost) that allow you to change your policy when your needs change:

  • Our cover conversion facility gives qualifying clients the flexibility to redirect premiums they no longer need to other financial needs and insurance events – free of medical underwriting (to a maximum of R10 million). With us, you can always buy more death cover using this facility, even if you’ve claimed;
  • The extra cover buy-up facility gives qualifying clients the ability to buy more cover with no medical underwriting (to a maximum of R10 million, depending on the cover they already have) when their needs change;
  • With the yearly secured cover facility, qualifying clients have an annual opportunity to buy cover to the value of the lump-sum amount by which their income protection death cover has reduced during that year, with no underwriting.

Unrivalled protection and flexibility when you claim

Objective clinical criteria

We use objective medical criteria based on clinical best practice guidelines to assess your claims for illness and injury.

We’ve also added the Personal Job Fitness Test and Job Fitness Test to ensure you can get the benefit, where appropriate, of a pay-out based on your inability to work should your illness or injury not meet the medical criteria. Which means greater choice and flexibility for you – and above all, greater certainty that we’ll pay your valid claims.

Claim-stage choice

With BrightRock, you can choose how you want to receive your pay-out at claim stage for most of your needs – only BrightRock gives this level of flexibility, giving you the best of both worlds. You have the option, if you choose a lump-sum for your income protection needs, to change your choice at claim-stage on your permanent expenses and death cover. Clients can change their initial choice of a lump-sum pay-out to a regular monthly pay-out at claim stage, based on their prognosis and circumstances at the time of claim.

You can also choose to receive your temporary expenses pay-outs, for clinical conditions that have stated pay-out periods, as a lump-sum (or a combination of a lump-sum and recurring pay-out).

We also offer a choice of a lump-sum and recurring payments under our additional expense needs cover for serious illnesses and injuries. This ensures that the pay-out aligns to your actual financial need.

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